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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want me to sign up in the Volunteer Hub Registration System so far in advance? 

When a mission is scheduled or Code Blue is called, we need to contact the volunteers to tell them to report to the transportation, church or Code Blue Site. We need to know our volunteer staff in advance for the mission event to be effective and successful.

How do I benefit from signing up so far in advance?

If you sign up for a position and event now, you have a better chance of getting what you want before others sign up. You can put the date in your calendar now so it will not conflict with other plans.

Can I cancel my event if something comes up?

Yes, you may cancel the event. Please cancel the reservation in the volunteer hub and call AHTN (215-550-3868) if it is within 2 days of the event.

 I’d rather just be “on call”.  Why can’t I just register that way?

Valuable preparation time will be lost as we call people and ask if they are available to come in. In an “on call” emergency situation due to last minute cancellation or an inadequate number of volunteers, we will need experienced personnel for the event to run efficiently. We ask you to sign up as soon as you are able, so you may gain experience should an “on call” situation arise.

I may be signing up for days when Code Blue or another mission won’t even be called. I’ll be unable to plan other activities on those days.

This is true, and we do ask you to try to be available on the days that you have volunteered.  However, if something comes up you may cancel. We suggest you pick a day of the week that you can commit to the program either once a month or for a specific month and sign up for that day.  It will be easier for you to remember and meet the commitment.

I signed up for a volunteer position and I am not able to make it. Can I contact another volunteer directly and switch with them?

Please call/email the AHTN contact listed on the event. Some positions require special training or clearances and the Volunteer Hub will need to be updated. 

I prefer to drive the silver/white bus can I take either vehicle?

No, please only take the vehicle that is listed on the event. There could be a maintenance or service scheduled for the other vehicle. 

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