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Are You Homeless?

Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need participates in the Continuum of Care and Centralized Intake Programs for Bucks County.n.

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Are you a senior and looking for support to keep your home?  

Are you a retired Vet and are in need of housing assistance? 

Have you just fallen behind on your housing payments due to the pandemic? 

There are many programs you may be eligible for so that you don't become homeless.  Caring. Com has advisors in every area that can help!  Visit this link Emergency Housing Guide to learn more.     

If you are homeless, or imminently homeless (about to be evicted), the first step is to call the

Bucks County Housing Link Call Center at 1-800-810-4434 





How does the Bucks County Housing Link work?

  1. Residents experiencing a housing crisis should call the Bucks County Housing Link at 1-800-810-4434. 

  2. The Housing Link Centralized Intake Call Center staff will screen all callers with a brief interview to determine the household’s basic eligibility for housing assistance.

  3. The Housing Link Coordinated Assessment Center staff will then contact the caller to schedule an in-person appointment at the nearest regional coordinated assessment center.

  4. At the appointment, the coordinated assessment center will determine the level of housing assistance needed to resolve the crisis and the available assistance options.

  5. Persons in crisis will then be referred to the most appropriate housing assistance resource to resolve their crisis.

Which providers are participating in the Bucks County Housing Link?

The providers are: Family Service Association, Bucks County Housing Group, Bucks County Opportunity Council, and Keystone Opportunity Center. All providers have agreed to accept clients that are referred by the Housing Link, and to “close the side door” for all other requests for assistance. 

What should residents expect when they call the Bucks County Housing Link?

Please know that you will most likely need to leave a message – please do!! Leave a complete message with your name and contact information, including an email address if you have one. A Housing Link staff member will call back within 2-4 days depending on call volume and urgency of need. 


Callers will be interviewed with a 20-question screening tool that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete over the phone. Callers will then be called back by one of the coordinated assessment center agencies to schedule an in-person appointment at the location nearest to them. At this appointment, which will last approximately 1 hour, the caller will be asked to bring documentation for program eligibility verification and will complete a program eligibility assessment as well as a nationally-recognized housing assessment to determine the most appropriate type of assistance for them.

What are the hours of operation for the Bucks County Housing Link?

The Housing Link Centralized Intake Call Center is staffed Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8:30am – 7:30pm and Tuesday 8:30am – 4:30pm. Voicemail is available during non-business hours and will be returned.  

Help could be there for you!  Don’t delay.  Call the Bucks County Housing Link today!

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