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Volunteer Position Descriptions

AHTN has many different positions available that volunteers can sign up for. Below is a short description of each position broken down by Mission. If you have any additional questions about a position feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

Wheels To Meals

  • Bus Driver - Volunteers use the AHTN bus and follow established route to pick up guests and take them to the shared meal. They join guests and others in attendance for the meal. Return the guests to their stops and return the vehicle to the designated church. 

  • Bus AttendantMeet driver at designated church to pick up guests and take them to a shared meal. Be sure the guests meet guidelines for meal attendance by exiting the bus at each stop and greeting guests as they enter. Join guests and others in attendance for meal. Return with the driver as guests are taken to their stops and ensure guest safety by exiting bus at each stop to facilitate safe exit. Bus is returned to designated church, seats are wiped down, windows are closed and rear door is locked.

Rejuvenation Station

  • Bus DriverDrive to designated stop(s) and pick up a maximum of 13 guests for showers. Take guests to Friends Meetinghouse in Fallsington for shower, haircut and lunch. Work with guests to help clean up and return guests to their designated stop.

  • Bus Attendant Assist driver with helping guests onto the bus at designated stop(s) and pick up a maximum of 13 guests for showers. Assist with keeping guests moving through their shower, haircut and lunch so that all guest can return to their designated stop in a timely manner.

Those In Need

  • DriverVolunteers use the AHTN minivan to drive those in need clients during the day to various locations primarily in Lower Bucks. This may include transporting these individuals to doctors’ and mental health appointments; food pantries; grocery stores; YMCA for a shower; laundromat, etc.

  • Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) Volunteers act as mentors to those who need a helping hand to navigate securing various resources; completing paperwork; or transporting them to different locations.

Code Blue

  • AHTN Shelter Coordinator - The AHTN Shelter Coordinator will act as the primary contact for all shelter activities that evening and will work with the Host Site Coordinator. As the person responsible for overall operations, the AHTN Coordinator will oversee all record keeping and all required documents. If you are interested in serving in this position contact Karen Mineo via e-mail:

  • Site Host Coordinator - Responsible for unlocking the site, handling all janitorial issues, ensuring that AHTN Shelter Coordinator is familiar with the facility and has emergency contact information and any other information regarding set-up/break down or special needs. 

  • HOT Mentor - The HOT Team Mentor is invited to come into the CB Shelter to talk with guests and support them where they can. This could be with completing paperwork or giving them resources to improve their current situation. 

  • Site Host Kitchen CoordinatorThe Kitchen Coordinator will arrange for food supplies and/or prepared meals to be available for guests. Provides updates to the AHTN Coordinator regarding morning meal prep and serving. Host Site Kitchen Coordinator inventories and replenishes all items associated with meals UNLESS arrangements have been made with CBT regarding AHTN’s supplying of items.  

  • PM Bus Drivers & Attendants - 7:50pm-10:00pm, Arrive at Code Blue Host Site at 7:50pm and meet other members of the Drive Team. Leave host church no earlier than 8:00pm to pick up guests at designated stops and return to Host Site. Both Attendant and Driver must undergo AHTN training for these positions.

  • Set-Up/Intake Staff - 7:30pm-11:00pm, Set up cots, intake table & information and other needed items, welcome guests, process paperwork, distribute bedding and assist with other activities as requested. Intake staff stays on-site until overnight volunteers are present.

  • Dinner Staff - 7:30pm-10:30pm, This position is host-site specific. Some host sites prepare and serve meals using their own members, others ask for additional help. Please check the volunteer hub for the full description based on the host-site.

  • Overnight Male/Female – 1st Shift - 10:30pm-2:30am, Arrive at Code Blue Host Site at 10:30pm. Meet, great and spend some time with the guests. Lights out for guests is at 11 p.m. Volunteers must remain awake.

  • Overnight Male/Female – 2nd Shift - 2:30am-7:30am, Arrive at Code Blue Host site by 2:30am. Greet 1st shift volunteers and ask for any updates/instructions. Volunteers must stay awake. Prepare Breakfast at 5:30am. Wake up guests at 5:45am. Guests pack up bedding and fold cots. Store bedding and cots in area assigned. Help with breakfast and clean up. 

  • AM Bus Drivers & Attendants - 6:00-8:00am, Arrive at Code Blue Host Site at 6:00am and meet other members of the Drive Team. Leave host church at 6:30am sharp to drop off guests at designated stops. Return bus to Host Site. Both Attendant and Driver must undergo AHTN training for these positions.

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