Volunteer Position Descriptions

Code Blue Alert Team

Weather Status Coordinator – John sends weather reports with temperature, including wind chill, and open/close recommendations to the Code Blue Alert Team.

AHTN Program Consultant – Crystal posts positions that need to be filled for the next few days will be posted on our website main page www.ahtn.org and emailed to all volunteers. If positions are not filled by that morning, Crystal will contact volunteers directly with a phone call. If it is approximately 26 degrees or below including wind chill for the majority of a night and all positions are staffed, Crystal calls Code Blue by 10:00am. This will be updated on our website and 215-550-3868 x100.

Bus Transportation Co-Coordinators – Hank and Barb contact volunteers directly to fill transportation bus team needs. Once Code Blue is called, they conduct confirmation calls to all Code Blue Bus Team volunteers for that night.

Staff Confirmation Coordinator – Once Code Blue is called, Tom conducts confirmation phone calls and text messages of all Code Blue Shelter volunteers for that night.

AHTN Administrative Consultant – Shana emails the County and local agencies to alert them to the Code Blue Shelter open status.

Code Blue Management Volunteers

AHTN Shelter Coordinator-  Each Code Blue evening the AHTN Shelter Coordinator will act as primary contact for all shelter activities that evening and will work with the Host Site Coordinator. As the person responsible for overall operations, the AHTN Coordinator will oversee all recordkeeping to include all required documents, such as: Intake Guest Sign-In forms, volunteer log, shelter reports and other documents as necessary.  If you are interested in serving in this position, please let Karen Mineo know (Kmineo@ahtn.org). The Code Blue Shelter opens at 9:00 pm if all set up and training is complete. The Shelter may open sooner IF set up and all training is complete AND both the AHTN Shelter Coordinator and the Site Host Coordinator agree. Guests may help with cot set up only. 

If any families with children or anyone seeking shelter under the age of 18 arrives, please immediately call Penny.

Site Host Coordinator – Person who represents the Host Site each evening and is responsible for  unlocking the site, handling all janitorial issues, ensuring that AHTN Shelter Coordinator is familiar with the facility and has emergency contact information and any other information regarding set-up/break down or special needs.  Host Site Coordinator works with the AHTN Shelter Coordinator and intake staff regarding set-up, supplies, and break-down. 

Site Host Kitchen Coordinator – Person who will arrange for meals for shelter guests, appointed by the Host Site.  The Kitchen Coordinator will arrange for food supplies and/or prepared meals to be available for guests.  The Kitchen Coordinator updates AHTN Coordinator regarding morning meal prep and serving.  Host Site Kitchen Coordinator inventories and replenishes all items associated with meals UNLESS arrangements have been made with CBT regarding AHTN’s supplying of items.  Host Site Kitchen Coordinator determines in advance if Light Meal positions are needed, and if so, notifies the CBT at least one month in advance so positions can be added to the Volunteer Hub.

Code Blue Volunteers

Summary of Schedule/Positions (more detailed descriptions of each position are below)

PM Bus Driver*                      7:50-10:00 pm (evening)

PM Bus Attendant*                7:50-10:00 pm (evening)

Set-up/Intake Staff                 7:30-11:00 pm

PM Dinner Staff                              7:30/8:00-10:30 pm

1st Shift Overnight                 10:30 pm-2:30 am

2nd Shift Overnight                2:30- 7:30 am

AM Bus Driver*                     6:00-8:00 am (following morning)

AM Bus Attendant*               6:00-8:00 am (following morning)

VOLUNTEERS: Please review the Code Blue Shelter Manual to refresh on all procedures. (White Binder at Intake Table)  You may be required to bring someone into the shelter in the evening so the Guest Guidelines, Intake Form and procedures are all very important!!  Check the Code Blue Shelter Manual for specific Host Site operations/breakfast procedures. Listen for Code Blue phone line in case a guest or AHTN staff member is calling the Shelter. Put any important notes for the next shift on the CODE BLUE DAILY SHELTER REPORT inside the Code Blue Shelter Manual. 

All volunteers sign-in, put on name tags with first name using a dry erase marker, and return the tags at the end of your shift. Guests use a permanent marker and their name tag is worn while at the shelter and stored in their bedding bag when they leave.

PM Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants – Arrive at shelter at 7:50pm and put name on volunteer sign-in sheet, check in with AHTN Shelter Coordinator for any special instructions, route changes or additions, and secure the Transportation Guest/Stop Headcount clipboard from the orange bin (labeled). Team leaves as soon as bus is prepared and ready to go but NO EARLIER THAN 8:00 pm. Attendants call AHTN Shelter Coordinator to notify of the number of guests coming to Code Blue on each trip. Shelter Coordinator informs the kitchen staff. 

Set- Up/ Intake Staff – Click here for revised, printable PDF of the Intake Staff Procedures

Arrive at shelter site by designated time.  Set up cots, intake table & information and other needed items, welcome guests, process paperwork, distribute bedding and assist with other activities as requested.  Intake staff stays on-site until overnight volunteers are present.

Dinner Staff –This position is host-site specific.  Some host sites prepare and serve meals using their own members, others ask for additional help.  Please check the volunteer hub for the full description based on the host-site.

Overnight Male and Female – 1st Shift and 2nd ShiftClick here for a more detailed, printable PDF of the Overnight Volunteer Procedures

If the volunteer would like to stay overnight, he/she should sign up for both shifts. A minimum of 2 volunteers should be on site all night.  Arrive at shelter site by designated time and sign in.  1st shift meets, greets and spends time with the guests.  Lights out for the guests is 11 p.m.  Volunteers remain awake and in view of guests.  They may bring quiet activities such as reading, work or movies using ear phones during their shift.  Warm clothing is recommended.  A notebook is kept in the sign-in area and is used to communicate between shifts.  Review any notes in notebook with 2nd shift.

2nd Shift volunteer relieves 1st Shift volunteer.  Sign in upon arrival and check the notebook for any special instructions or information.  Volunteer remains awake and wakes up guests by 5:45 a.m. Guests pack up bedding and fold cots (if necessary in certain churches).  Bedding and cots are stored in an area assigned. Help with breakfast and clean up in the morning – i.e., pick up trash in bathrooms, sweep floors, stack cots, etc.  First bus out departs by 6:30 a.m. Lock and secure the doors when leaving the host site.