Light Meal Staff

Meals for Code Blue at Calvary Baptist

A representative from Calvary Baptist Church will plan to be present for the evening light meals.  This person will be familiar with the kitchen, where things are located, and how to use the equipment.  They will be able to give instructions about what is to be prepared for the meal.  Normally, defrosted casseroles or other prepared foods will be stored in the left side of the refrigerator in the kitchen.  These can be warmed in the convection oven (instructions on the wall) or in the regular ovens.  Other donated items will be stored on the shelf outside the kitchen or on the countertops.  Any bread, etc. can be used to supplement the meal.  Drink dispensers are located in the hallway or will be in the kitchen.  Drink mix is located in the kitchen.  The coffee machine makes hot water (and coffee) instantly if it has been plugged in for 30 minutes prior. Please plug in the coffee maker when you first arrive.  Instructions for making coffee are located just above the coffee maker.  The coffee maker should be unplugged before you leave for the evening.  Freezers are located outside the kitchen near the food shelf.  These are used to freeze prepared meals and to store ice. 

Breakfast foods are located on the food shelf.  Milk is in the refrigerator.  Bagels, English Muffins etc. will either be in the fridge or on countertops.

Please clean up and store all trays, pots, etc. so we will be ready for the next meal.  Leave any dirty or used dish towels in a pile on the counter and these will be washed and returned.  Any questions, please call Matt (267-337-0372) or Michele (267-337-0372).