Auto Repair Mission (ARM)

Below is a copy of an AHTN letter to be distributed to contacts in the auto repair industry. To download/print a PDF version, please click here.



November 1, 2016


To:       Auto Service/Repair Providers

From:   Penny Martin, Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need (AHTN)

Re:        Auto Repair Mission (ARM)


AHTN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing assistance, guidance and mentoring to homeless and those in need people in Bucks County.  We were established in 2009, and incorporated in 2010.  We have many missions including Code Blue (a mission that helps to prevent homeless from being exposed to dangerous frigid weather at night which runs December thru March), Rejuvenation Station (a monthly mission to transport homeless to have the opportunity to shower, receive a good meal and fellowship), and Wheels to Meals (a mission that provides transportation by our buses to free shared meals provided by 30 various sites monthly).

AHTN also actively works with the “in need” population in Bucks County.  An intake form is completed for each person who calls AHTN.  Information gathered includes current financial status, residency status, agency services already being provided, etc.

We have found that often transportation is a major stumbling block to a person’s self-sufficiency.  A car needing repairs could be keeping a person from getting to a much needed job, job interviews, counseling and/ or doctor appointments.   Many times a vehicle is the owners actual “home”, as some live in their cars as well as count on them for transportation.

We are asking if you would consider helping AHTN create an Auto Repair Mission (ARM).  This is a new mission placed on my heart.  The program would be structured as follows:

  • Those needing help with auto repairs would be pre-screened by AHTN to determine true need and inability to pay for repairs.
  • AHTN would ask for proof that car is legally registered to the client and insured.
  • If vehicle is not insured, AHTN may assist in paying for insurance prior to repairs.
  • AHTN would ask participating ARM businesses to email a free estimate of costs to AHTN.
  • AHTN is asking businesses participating in ARM to provide free labor for inspections and repairs.
  • AHTN will pay for the necessary parts.
  • The ARM participant will decide how many free labor hours will be donated per year and keep track hours used.
  • AHTN will not help with MAJOR repairs such as an engine or transmission.
  • An e-mail list of all participants will be established, and when an auto repair is deemed to be meeting all criteria, an email from AHTN will be sent to all ARM participants asking who would be able to provide the labor and in what time frame the repair could be done.

We know that labor hours are expensive, and we greatly appreciate your consideration in participating.  AHTN is proof that when a community comes together, we can often provide the bit of support that a person needs to get back on their path to self-sufficiency.  We hope that you will be a part of our efforts, and look forward to working together.

I would like to make an appointment to discuss the possibility of joining the AHTN ARM team.

Please contact Karen Mineo at your earliest convenience. Her e-mail address is:  Also feel free to peruse our website at

Thanking you in advance for your gracious consideration of this mission.

God bless,


Penny Martin

AHTN Board President