Those in Need

“Hope is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. As long as you have hope, the door is open for change.”  – Joyce Meyer 

AHTN’s “Those In Need” Mission (TIN) processes daily calls from people in need asking for a wide variety of help. These calls are sometimes from caseworkers from Bucks agencies that have a client needing a “hands up” to get back on their feet. Many times it is one of our local church offices or the Pastors who have given our number to someone. They need a bit of hope knowing someone will give them another chance or care enough to let them try. The following list is some of the things AHTN assists with:

  • Clothing
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Food
  •  Diapers & Formula
  • Gas for their cars so they can get to work or look for work
  • Laundry
  • Prescriptions
  • Rent Assistance
  • Transportation to doctors, hospitals, mental health appointments, court hearings
  • Utility payment

Sometimes what our clients need the most is a new friend that will mentor and guide them. If you have a few hours a week and are available during the day, please contact:

Nikki Farrior at 215-550-3868  ext. 101

Drive Team AHTN receives many calls from our local homeless and residents who need rides to doctor appointments, counseling, court dates, food pantries, laundromats and thrift stores to obtain clothing. Most of the requests are during the day, Monday through Friday. Volunteer must use their own car and will not be reimbursed for gas or mileage. It is recommended that you have someone else with you, especially if AHTN does not know the client very well. We also will not permit females to drive male clients unless they have someone else with them. Please contact Nikki Farrior 215-550-3868  ext. 101  if you are interested in this very much needed mission.